Our kennels are designed with the health, safety and comfort of all boarders in mind and our aim is to provide the highest standard of care in a friendly environment.

Daily supervision by long-standing, caring staff ensures that your pet's stay is a happy one. Thorough cleansing and sterilization routines minimize the risk of infection.   

Dogs are social animals, and whilst they are kept in separate kennels (unless they come from the same home) they can see what is going on next door, or on the farm. They love playtime,

when they can run up and down on either side of the fences, or watch the geese, horses, peacocks, etc.

Shy and timid animals are taken to a quiet play section, where they can calmly walk around and soak up the farm atmosphere, away from boisterous neighbours.

Dogs are accommodated in blocks according to size and temperament, to minimize stress. The larger more aggressive breeds stay in reinforced kennels with brick lower walls to prevent heated arguments with the neighbour!

Cats are housed away from the dogs to reduce stress. They have access to a sunny garden and have piped music inside the building.

Look before you book!

You are welcome to inspect the facilities before you make the booking, but when there are large numbers of boarders during peak times, we unfortunately cannot allow clients, especially small children, into that area. It disrupts our very busy schedule and creates risk for boarders that become too excited at the sight of all these strangers!