Our goal is to create a happy and safe environment for our boarders.

We have established a good reputation by ensuring that all animals in our care, whether it is your special family pet or a show champion, receive individual attention including special diets when requested.

We can only achieve that through open communication with the owners. Please be honest when you book in a new animal - we need to know all about your pet - his likes/dislikes, aches and pains, bad habits, injuries, allergies etc.

Important issues:

  • Identification - your dog should wear a collar with name tag & contact numbers; tattoo or microchip. 
  • Proper training - Lack of training and stimulation are primary causes of misbehavior. If you have a problem dog, please obtain the name of animal behavior specialist from our office, prior to checking in.
  • Being in season - please do not arrive with a dog in season without permission. Unless prior arrangements have been made to isolate that dog, it cannot be accepted into kennels!
  • Vaccinations - As per our booking documentation, no pets will be allowed into the kennels unless advance vaccination clearance has been received.

  • We believe the love and personal care we provide is second to none. Judge for yourself when your excited dog rushes over to say hello on his second visit!

    Each boarder enjoys individual space, including undercover sleeping areas, large daytime pens, and comfortable beds. In addition they get the opportunity to play in our large grassed pens, twice a day. If required, heating and extra blankets can be provided.

    No animals will be accepted without up to date vaccination certificates. Sick animals that have not been diagnosed by a vet cannot be accepted. However if your pet has been seeing a vet for an injury or medical condition that does not require quarantine, follow up medication or visits can be arranged.

    Detailed records are kept of any medication administered, eating disorders or unusual behavioral patterns.

    We cater for "special" cases e.g. bitches in season, puppies, long-term boarders, but do not accept unmanageable dogs.

    Kennels can never guarantee that an animal will not get sick or require medical attention while boarding.  However, the responsible kennels will insist on the best protection against illness, and will manage unforeseen
    illnesses and incidents in a capable and responsible manner.

    As a pet owner, you will know that any animal can and will get sick from time to time, even in your own home, no matter how well he is looked after, no matter how careful you are. When that happens, you deal with the
    situation to the best of your ability.

    It is a known fact that stressful situations can trigger illnesses, particularly in cats. Some animals are more highly strung than others and are more easily affected.

    Happy, well adjusted pets are a pleasure to have in the kennels, while the unsocial, nervous and snappy ones are more of a challenge!

    The downright untrained and aggressive animals with all sorts of hang-ups should never be booked into kennels without disclosing this information.  We reserve the right to refuse admission in such cases!

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